Administrative Training

Revive Enrollment — Rebuild Finances

Nothing is more disheartening than the lack of cash flow! The economic recession has dramatically affected service quality and profitability. You can rebound — you can recover with the right tools.

Child care management is suffering from the economic recession. Nearly 13,000 centers will close this year because of a lack of funds. Protect your center by investing in a day of inspirational training with one of the nation’s leading experts in child care management, Donna K. Thornton.

Regardless of your tax structure, if you don’t have any margin left at the end of the month, then you are in trouble!

In Donna’s power-packed session, you will learn practical techniques and proven methods to increase your bottom line!

Presented by
Donna K. Thornton, Mba
Author, Speaker and National Trainer

In this training you will learn to:

…rebound from the recession by bold enrollment building strategies

…balance your budget regardless of its size

…set proper spending ratios to ensure margin

…schedule staff correctly to ensure coverage and efficiency

and much more…

This interactive session includes a training manual and useful management copy-free tools.