Donna Thornton is a fantastic professional speaker who instills knowledge, excitement and enthusiasm into every person who hears her presentations! Those who hear her say, “I want more….” Her enthusiasm is contagious and she has affected many lives in dynamic ways. She causes others to strive for and achieve excellence in their daily and professional lives.”

Sherry Workman, Executive Director/CEO
National Association of Child Care Professionals

“Donna Thornton has been a professional mentor to me for more than a decade. As a direct result of her influence, our associates are actively pursuing our goal of serving 1000 children through our Discovery Cove Childcare facilities! Thank you Donna!!”

C. K. Chitty, President and CEO
Discovery Cove, LLC

“Donna is a trustworthy and dependable leader. Her influence is strong and her desire to insure others success is a priority. Donna is charismatic, loyal, and talented!”

Lynnette McCarty, President
McCarty Consulting, Serendipity Child Development Center, and Past President of the National Association of Child Care Professionals Seattle, Washington

“When Donna works with you, she brings experience and enthusiasm, but most importantly, she brings her heart.”

Dr. Rob McCleland, Executive Director
North American Baptists