Management Seminars


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Keynote addresses are 45 minutes in length.

  • Assertiveness – You Can Stop Being a Chicken in a Buzzard’s World
  • HALT – Don’t Make That Decision When. . .
  • I’m In a Hurry to Get Things Done – Practical Time Management
  • The Secret to Building Staff Loyalty
  • The Five Core Competencies of a Great Manager

2018 Keynote Sessions

  1. The Power of One – How “I” Make a Difference
  2. I love My Job! Great Staff Creating Great Work Places
  3. Exceptional Customer Service – Loving Every Personality

New 2018 break-out sessions for Directors:

  1. Managing Internal Customers – Transforming staff into your best promoters!
  2. Executive Presence – Increasing your voice and power as a early childhood education leader.
  3. The Budget Bottom-line – Without cash flow it’s impossible to grow!


Five Secrets of Preventing Personnel Problems Before They Begin
Learn how to prevent personnel problems before they begin by effectively preparing for the new employee. We cover how to write a progressive job ad, the correct way to interview, (including sample interview questions), prepare for the pre-employment process, and how to effectively hire the right person for the job

Gaining Peak Performance in Staff
This seminar defines motivation, identifies benefits of a motivated workforce, and describes the current workforce and what motivates each group. Know the keys to motivation, 8 reasons why managers’ praise doesn’t work, 14 terms every manager must know, 5 tips to inspire staff to excel, and many other useful techniques that can be taken back and used immediately to gain peak performance.

Hey, I Want More than a Warm Body!
There is a national crisis in recruiting personnel. Attract skilled, talented, responsible employees. Practical tools shared to help managers recruit the best and brightest.

Corporate Etiquette
Don’t get caught not knowing what fork to use or how to properly introduce someone. Learn and practice etiquette so you’ll be poised and confident no matter the event.

Art of Communicating with Customers
Learn how to control your emotions even with the most obnoxious customer. 10 Tips of supply excellent customer service.

The Balancing Act
Struggle to achieve an equilibrium with work and family? Is your life unbalanced? This session has been designed by a previously unbalanced – out of kilter – mad about work woman – who knows firsthand the struggles of balancing and having a life that is healthy! You are too important to your family and career to remain in the state of extremes.

Time Management for the Professional
Is never enough time to get everything done? This session focuses on priorities and how to get them accomplished at your peak energy level.

Zap ‘Em With Zeal
Tired of conducting the same old dry routines in your staff meetings? Learn fresh new information that will transform the way you conduct staff meetings. Transform meetings to active-fresh-exciting-hour of power!


Previous Seminar Lectures and Keynote Addresses:

“The FISH Philosophy – Changing a Center’s Culture
Child Care Systems of America Conference, Nashville

“Exceptional Customer Service; Time Management for the Busy Child Care Director”
West Palm Beach Children’s Services. West Palm Beach FL

“Raising the Bar – Excellence in Early Childhood Leadership”
Conference. San Antonio, Texas

“Growing from Good to Great”
ACSI International Conference. Dallas, Texas

“Train the Trainer – Exclusively for Child Care Professional Educators”
Hillsborough County Children’s Services. Tampa, FL

“Surviving the Staffing Crisis”
National Tour, Atlanta, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina